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Fiesta Bowl

by 7:23 PM
I'm really look foward to this one. It seems so often we're talking about Boise State in a BCS bowl. Meanwhile, I thought TCU was on...Read More

Bowl Picks

by 8:40 PM
Damion Fletcher,Southern Miss(right) New Mexico--Fresno State,28 Wyoming,21 St. Petersburg--Rutgers,24 UCF,14 New Orleans--Southern Miss,38 ...Read More

Week 9 Report

by 9:50 AM
No. 10 Oregon, 47 No. 5 USC, 20 Even the peolpe who picked Oregon to win would never have thought it would be this type of a blowout. The Du...Read More

Week 7 Report

by 6:55 PM
No.1 Florida,13 No.4 LSU, 3 Let's face it the Tigers had no shot at winning this one. Despite managing 13 points, the worst in Urban Mey...Read More

Week 6 Report

by 2:09 PM
No.17 Miami, 21 No.8 Oklahoma, 20 The 'Canes avenged their loss to Virginia Tech barely escaping the Sooners and Landry Jones. If the So...Read More

Week 5 Report

by 5:10 PM
Oregon, 42 No.6 Cal, 3 Oregon pulled another top 25 upset over No. 6 Cal in one of the biggest upsets of the season. Jeremiah Masoli showed ...Read More

Top 25

by 4:53 PM
Here's my top 25: 1. Florida 2. Texas 3. Alabama 4. Virginia Tech 5.LSU 6.Boise State 7.Oklahoma 8.USC 9.Oklahoma State 10.Ohio State ...Read More
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