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NHL Preview:Eastern Atlantic Conference

1.Pittsburgh Penguins 45-28-9

The Pens are building a fantastic franchise. Young stars Sidney Crosby and Evengi Malkin continue to improve. Marc Andre Fluerry is one of the best goalies in the NHL. The Penguins didn't add much but they have veteran leadership in Bill Guerin.The Pens will have trouble repeating but they will make a run in the playoffs.

2.Philedelphia Flyers 44-27-11

Things are looking up in Philly. The Flyers still have Daniel Briere and Simon Gagne, two players who strike fear into opposing defenses heart. On defense the Flyers have two breakout stars:Chris Pronger and Kimmo Timmeon. Matt Carle is young and will be a leader in the future.Ray Emery arrived from Ottawa with a chance to lead the Flyers. Philedelphia has enough to make the playoffs but who knows after that.

3.New Jersey Devils 51-27-4

After beating out Pittsburgh to win the division last year the Devils made no huge changes to their roster except for the tough release of veteran Brandon Shanahan. On offense the Devils have pretty good talent in underrated Zach Parise. They have a fantasic goalie in Martin Broduer but he's getting old and the other defensemen are no stars. The Devils will take a step back this season but look for this team to hunt for a playoff berth.

4.New York Rangers 43-30-9

New York has talent. But the talent to win the Atlantic? Not that much. Henrik Lundquist is a star in goal. Marion Gabiorik and Chris Drury will team up for some goals. Other than them the offense is slim. It's the same for the defense, Wade Redden is the only standout. New York will win 40 games again but the playoffs aren't here yet.

5.New York Islanders 26-47-9
The Islanders are building for the future with Number One draft pick John Tavares and Kyle Okposo. But, if you're talking about right now the Islanders are horrible. They have off forwards and a bad defense. Luckily, Rick DePietro is a very good goalie.

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