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My Early BCS Solution

It's been another crazy year. Their have been few teams that have stayed consistently at the top. Auburn is ranked number one because of their wins over Arkansas and LSU, both impressive. They play Alabama later this year, who is still in the title talks but must win this game. And I think they will which pushes the Tigers out. Whoever wins this weekend between TCU and Utah will help a little bit. But both don't have great resumes. If TCU does end up winning though they could sneak in. Oregon doesn't have alot to worry about to end the season except for Arizona which I think they can win. That probably puts them in. Don't count Boise State out. They beat Oregon State more impressively than TCU, beat Virginia Tech who is rolling and I think they can win over Hawaii and Nevada, their two biggest challenges to end the season. Nobody else looks like they can challenge. Utah maybe but Ohio State lost, same goes for Michigan State, and I just don't see Missouri or Oklahoma getting in. Basically I have Oregon playing Boise in the BCS Championship Game.

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