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Time too sack the BCS now with Boise State losing. I have always been in favor of a tournament. It works in Division II and in college basketball. Now, their is absolutely no chance that anybody but Oregon and Auburn make it in. TCU gets left out again and just because they lost to a good team in overtime Boise falls to probably a Poinsettia Bowl appearance. And, I still don't think Auburn is good enough to play with Oregon in the championship game. They've been in a number of close games including Alabama and LSU both I believe to be overrated. We all know if something happens to Cam Newton the Tigers wouldn't have close to the same record as they do now. Oregon has killed some teams but only comes alive in the second half. That doesn't necessarily hurt them, they're still winning. Arizona and Stanford top their undefeated records. TCU destroyed Utah and is still undefeated and just like Boise they are blowing out oppenents. Plus the Horned Frogs destroyed Baylor 45-10 who ended up beating Texas who beat Nebraska.

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