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NBA Mock Draft: Picks 11-21

11. Golden State Warriors- Tristian Thompson, Forward The young talent is a beast in the post and gives the Warriors another guy too go along with David Lee.
12. Utah Jazz- Klay Thompson, Guard The Jazz get another talent at the guard postion after gaining Brandon Knight at 3 earlier in the draft. Sharpshooting Thompson will help.
13. Phoenix Suns- Bismack Biyombo, Center The Congo star gives the Suns a true bruiser in the lane that they haven't had since Amare Stoudemaire left.
14. Houston Rockets- Markieff Morris, Forward The other Morris star gives the Rockets a new option since Yao Ming's career is pretty much done.
15. Indiana Pacers- Jimmer Fredette, Guard Jimmer helps the Pacers as now they have a compliment with Darren Collison.
16. Philadelphia Sixers- Kenneth Faried, Forward Elton's Brand's career may be over and the rest of the Sixers inside game isn't great.
17. New York Knicks- Darius Morris, Guard The former Wolverine will soon have to adjust to big city life in New York. Chauncey Billups isn't getting any younger.
18. Washington Wizards- Donatas Motiejunas, Forward The Wizards finally get their center threat as Motiejunas gets picked by the Wiz.
19. Charlotte Bobcats- Chris Singleton, Forward Charlotte will need a lot of talent after last year's disappointment.
20. Minnesota Timberwolves- Tyler Honeycutt, Forward The T-Wolves might look at foriegn star Davis Bertans but they might be hesitant after the Ricky Rubio situation.
21. Portland Trail Blazers- Tobias Harris, Forward The Vols skillful youngman gives Portland their best pick since Brandon Roy.

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