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NBA Mock Draft: Picks 22-32

22. Denver Nuggets- Jordan Hamilton, Forward/Guard The Nuggets need a small forward now without Carmelo Anthony.
23. Houston Rockets- Josh Selby, Guard Selby's got skills and the Rockets are searching for a good compliment next to running point guard Aaron Brooks. Selby fits along with the fast-paced mentality.
24. Oklahoma City Thunder- Jordan Williams, Forward The Thunder need all the help they can get with Kevin Durant in the post.
25. Boston Celtics- David Bertans, Forward Bertans' trip over the Atlantic will be to join the Celtics. Could be a European Kevin Garnett.
26. Dallas Mavericks- Trey Thompkins, Forward Dirk Nowitzki isn't getting any younger and Thompkins has skills that Dallas will appreciate.
27. New Jersey Nets- JaJuan Johnson, Forward/Center New Jersey has Deron Williams and Brook Lopez. Johnson improved in his senior year and gives the Nets an even better core for the future.
28. Chicago Bulls- Marshon Brooks, Guard Derrick Rose will be accompanied soon by Brooks and Shelvin Mack later.
29. San Antonio Spurs- Justin Harper, Forward The former Spiders star gives the Spurs a true bruiser underneath with Tim Duncan diminishing.
30. Chicago Bulls- Shelvin Mack, Guard From Cinderella to the big city of Chicago Mack has awhile to go. Could be a good bench player behind Rose.
31. Miami Heat- Chandler Parsons, Forward Udonis Haslem is decent but Parsons might be the real answer in the post.
32. Cleveland Cavaliers- Nikola Mirotic, Forward The Montenegro product helps the Cavs inside with Irving under control at pick one.

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