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Biggest Busts, Surprises In College Football

It's already been a crazy football season. Now I give you a list of my busts and surprises:

Busts: Cincinnati We thought that the Bearcats would be just fine without Tony Pike because they had Zach Collaros who won four games replacing the injured Pike last year. It hasn't worked that way. The Bearcats are 1-2 including losses against Fresno State and NC State. Iowa Already they look plain bad. After two straight cupcake wins they lost to 24 Arizona. Their offense looked weak and a good defense usually didn't look much better. Notre Dame We knew they weren't going to be top ten material but the win against Purdue showed promise. The loss to Michigan even if it was by just four showed they need improvement.

Surprises South Carolina They are a good football team. The combo of quarterbacks Christian Garcia and Conner Shaw has worked out fine and freshman Marcus Lattimore has been truly amazing riding the Game Cocks to high in the SEC. Arizona They didn't look great against Toledo but hey they beat Iowa. If Nick Foles can have the season he did last year-as a dark horse for the Heisman- the Wildcats could win the Pac 10. Michigan How about this? I doubted them against UConn and Notre Dame both but they won by a combined 24 points. They also survived against UMass. If Denard Robinson plays like he is playing they are a threat to beat Ohio State.

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