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Bold New Rankings

1. Boise State- Can't we just give them some respect? Win over Oregon State would help.
2. Alabama
3.Ohio State
4. Nebraska- Don't count out the 'Huskers. Young quarterback Taylor Martinez is improving, slowly but steadily.
5. TCU
6. Oregon
7. Texas
8. Oklahoma
9. Arkansas- It will be a tough game against Alabama but the Razorbacks are for real.
10. South Carolina- High? No. I can't say enough about freshman Marcus Lattimore.
11. Florida
12. Wisconsin
13. Arizona
14. Iowa- It's one loss. They can recover.
15. Utah
16. LSU
17. Stanford
18. USC- They've looked weak, but Matt Barkley is putting the pieces in place.
19. Auburn- The big question for coach Gene Chizik and the Tigers: Just how good is Cameron Newton truly?
20. Miami
21. Michigan
22. Oregon State- The Rodgers brothers are back for a big game: Boise State.
23. West Virginia
24. Penn State
25. Air Force

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