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Speacial Edition: Group B Report: Argentina Dominates, Greece Comes Back

After a decent first game against Nigeria in which Argentina won 1-0, Argentina exploded against South Korea. After being up 2-0 looking to shutout South Korea for the half Argentina made a vital mistake and Lee Chung Yong for Korea made it 2-1. But Gonzalo Hiquain had netted three goals giving him a hat trick and Argentina a 4-1victory marking them on top of Group B with six points. South Korea has 3.

Also in Group B winless teams Greece and Nigeria faced each other. Nigeria's Kalu Uche scored in the sixteenth minute looking like they could be the team that many expected them to be: a team that could advance. But later just before the half Greece's Dimitrios Salpingis scored tying up the game. Late in the game Greece's Vasilis Torosidis scored a huge goal and Greece won 2-1. Greece now has 3 points tied with South Korea, who they lost to in game one. Nigeria looks like they are done with no points.

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