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NBA Mock Draft: Second Round, Picks 39-46

39. Knicks- Jerome Jordan, C With an aging roster inside except for David Lee the Knicks could use the strong C-USA center.
40. Pacers- Nemanja Bjelica, SF The Brandon Rush pick hasn't quite worked out yet so the Pacers could try a new approach with the star from Serbia.
41. Heat- Greivis Vasquez, PG-SG If Dwayne Wade leaves Vasquez could become a starter right away as the Heat could use the sharpshooter.
42. Heat- Samardo Samuels, PF If the Heat grab an earlier big man like many predict including me (Hassan Whiteside) they could use Samuels as another young inside threat.
43. Lakers- Matt Bouldin, PG-SG The West Coast star stays in the West Coast as the Lakers pick him up to backup aging Derek Fisher and Kobe Bryant.
44. Blazers- Jarvis Varnado, PF The great shot blocker will help the Blazers inside if LaMarcus Aldrige or Greg Oden aren't fully healthy.
45. Timberwolves- Tiny Gallon, PF An interesting name for a big man, Gallon gives the T-Wolves yet another big man.
46. Suns- Mikhael Torrence, PG-SG Steve Nash isn't getting any younger so the guard from Alabama could help the Suns in the future.

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