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Speacial Edition: Round of 16 Preview

Even though the 2010 FIFA World Cup has started I have yet to post my round of 16 preview. So here it is:
1A France loses to 2B Nigeria 1-0.
1C England beats 2D Serbia 2-0.
1E Netherlands beats 2F Slovakia 2-0.
1G Brazil beats 2H Switzerland 2-0.

1D Germany beats 2C USA 1-0.
1B Argentina beats 2A Mexico 2-1.
1F Italy beats 2E Cameroon 1-0.
1H Spain beats 2G Portugal 1-0.

1C England beats 2B Nigeria 2-0.
1E Netherlands loses to 1G Brazil 1-0.

1D Germany loses to 1B Argentina 2-1.
1F Italy loses to 1H Spain 1-0.

1C England loses to 1G Brazil 1-0.
1B Argentina loses to Spain 1-0.

Championship 1G Brazil beats 1H Spain 1-0.
Champion: Brazil

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