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Trouble in the ACC

The ACC is all mixed up. First Wake Forest got defeated by Virginia Tech,before that UNC got defeated by Boston College,next Wake Forest beat Duke,then Duke fell to Clemson. It's turning in to the Big 12 from college football in 2008.I've told you I like Duke to win the ACC.But can they survive all the upsets? Can Maryland shock anyone?Can Virginia Tech shock somebody again? Who knows. But the ACC is in trouble.With finances.Why?Upsets are fun but to many upsets can get annoying.At least they do to me. But what can the ACC do? It's all up to the players now. Unknowns must step up and more known players must play their heart out.

Do you like upsets?Post a comment about if you don't or if you do.

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PJ's Nascar Blog said...

Hey Tom. I know you blogged like 5 minutes ago and you already responded to my blog and I can say the ACC is probaly the best conference in the NCAA.

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