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Speacial Edition:Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps was seen smoking a marijuana pipe at a party in South Carolina this week.Phelps,a role model to many publicly apologized for his actions.But many are left to wonder will this happen on a regular basis?Hopefully not,but it's obvious Phelps image was stained.In 2008 at the Bejing Olympics Phelps set many world records and set a major record by winning 8 gold medals a Olympic record.
Their is an obvious lesson just like Michael Vick's "accident". Just don't do this stuff.

This is a speacial edition post. Speacial edition posts are rare and don't talk about college sports.

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PJ's Nascar Blog said...

Micheal Phelps!!! Micheal Vick!!! I can only think of one athletic Michel that doesn't become a role and then does something bad!!! Well I can only think of one. Anyway I'm only a Nascar guy. Sorry to all the Michels out there that don't do bad stuff.

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