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Player of The Year Tournament

Every year I make a tournament of the top players in the NCAA.That includes football,basketball and baseball.So here's my annual tournament :

Colt McCoy,Texas vs. MPOV:54%
Tyler Hansbrough,UNC 46%

Blake Griffin,Oklahoma vs. 58%
Sam Bradford,Oklahoma 42%

Tim Tebow,Florida vs. 79%
Hasheem Thabeet ,Uconn 21%

Javon Ringer,Michigan State vs. 37%
Jeff Teague,Wake Forest 63%

Colt McCoy vs. 44%
Blake Griffin 56%

Tim Tebow vs. 78%
Jeff Teague 22%

Blake Griffin vs. 60%
Tim Tebow 40%

MPOV=My percentage of votes=If I took 100 votes this would be the percentage of my votes.

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