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NBA Draft Grades

1. Cleveland Cavaliers Anthony Bennett, SF
Anthony Bennett
Although this was surprising it does make a lot of sense. The Cavs need some help at the three and four and rebounding and with Bennett they get it. Grade: B+
2. Orlando Magic Victor Oladipo, SG
Orlando made a little stretch here with Oladipo but it is a smart pick. He gives them athleticism and physicality on the wing something the Magic really lacked last year. Grade: B
3. Washington Wizards Otto Porter, SF
John Wall and Brad Beal aren't great shooters so that was something the Wizards wanted to address. Porter can hit the three and with his size he can play a number of positions. Grade: A-
4. Charlotte Bobcats Cody Zeller, PF
Everybody is ripping this pick and for good reason. Zeller isn't psychical and isn't a good shooter plus he doesn't have the potential Noel and McLemore have, who were both available at this spot. Grade: D+
5. Phoenix Suns Alex Len, C
For years the Suns have really lacked a dominant low post threat. With Len they gain one who has loads of potential. Grade: B
6. New Orleans Pelicans Nerlens Noel, PF (rights traded to Philadelphia)
Noel was a steal here at six but trading him was the real steal. The Pelicans traded off Noel, who is a risky player for Philadelphia's budding star Jrue Holiday who will form a great core with Anthony Davis and Eric Gordon. Grade: A
7. Sacremento Kings Ben McLemore, SG
McLemore was just one of a number of players who dropped in this draft. The Kings picked him up here hoping he can be the next Ray Allen. Grade: B+
8. Detroit Pistons Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, SG
With Caldwell-Pope, a former Georgia star, the Pistons get guaranteed scoring. He has a ton of potential but their might have been smarter options here. Grade: C
9. Minnesota Timberwolves Trey Burke, PG (rights traded to Utah)
The T-Wolves picked up Burke here clearly with the intention of trading him as they already had a great point guard in Ricky Rubio. Both Shabazz Muhammed and Gorgui Dieng are great picks making this a good move. Grade: B+
10. Portland Trail Blazers C.J. McCollum, PG
Portland definitely wanted a guard in this draft but I have questions about if McCollum and Damian Lilliard will be able to play each other. Both need the ball in their hands to be effective making this pairing a risk. Grade: C
11. Philadelphia Sixers Michael Carter-Williams, PG
With Jrue Holiday off to New Orleans the Sixers got an immediate replacement in Michael Carter-Williams. He uses his huge body to bully guards in the paint and should make an impact immediately. Grade: B-
12. Oklahoma City Thunder Steven Adams, C
Adams has the potential to be the future at the center position for the Thunder but right now he is raw. The Thunder just saw the potential and have the depth to help Adams develop. Grade: C+
13. Dallas Mavericks Kelly Olynyk, C (rights traded to Boston)
The Mavericks ended up with Shane Larkin and they definitely needed him. So this pick to get Larkin was a smart one. Grade: B
14. Utah Jazz Shabazz Muhammed SG/SF (rights traded to Minnesota)
This Muhammed selection helped the Jazz land Trey Burke who is by far the best point guard in this draft. That is very important to a team that has had a huge weakness at point for a long time. Grade: A
15. Milwaukee Bucks Giannis Adetokunbo, SF
The Bucks snatch up this big, long forward that can contribute on the wing immediately. He has a ton of potential and could fit in with Milwaukee. Grade: B-
16. Boston Celtics Lucas Nogueira, C (rights traded to Atlanta)
The Brazilian big man would have been a nice pick for Boston but he will begin his career in Atlanta. The Celtics end up with Kelly Olynyk who is a very polished player. Grade: B
17. Atlanta Hawks Dennis Schroeder, PG
Schroeder will remind a lot of people of Rajon Rondo, an extremely good playmaker and very quick. With Jeff Teague a possible free agent he could start right away. Grade: A-
18. Atlanta Hawks Shane Larkin, PG (rights traded to Dallas)
This pick helped Atlanta pick up Nogueira who has the potential to be a star. Though that is just potential and their may have been some better options that fit the Hawks' system better. Grade: C
19. Cleveland Cavaliers Sergey Karasev, SF
Cleveland continued to work on their forward play with the addition of the Russian Karasev. Karasev is versatile, athletic and can nail the long ball meaning he should push for playing time from the get go. Grade: B
20. Chicago Bulls Tony Snell, SF
The future of Luol Deng in Chicago is in question and the Bulls need some help at the three. Snell has a lot of scoring potential and is a tough player someone that can fit well in Tom Thibodeau's system. Grade: A-
21. Utah Jazz Gorgui Dieng, C (rights traded to Minnesota)
Dieng is a lot like Nerlens Noel; he is a great shot blocker and rebounder and has an evolving offensive game. So the T-Wolves grabbing him this late is a small steal. Grade: B+
22. Brooklyn Nets Mason Plumlee, PF/C
Other than Brook Lopez the Nets' frontcourt is a weakness even if Kevin Garnett turns into his old self. Plumlee gives some much needed athleticism and rebounding. Grade: B
23. Indiana Pacers Solomon Hill, SF
The Pacers have made some agressive picks in the past but this one might have been too long of a stretch. Hill doesn't have the shot or athleticism to play full-time at small forward but he is too small to play power forward. Grade: C-
24. New York Knicks Tim Hardaway, SG
Last season the Knicks had shooting but it wasn't smart shooting due mostly to inconsistent and erratic J.R. Smith. Hardaway should be a much better overall player than Smith at shooting guard. Grade: B+
25. Los Angeles Clippers Reggie Bullock, SG
The Clippers know that they need some help to step over the hump and be a championship contender. Whether Bullock, a guy with a ton of potential, can be that guy is a big question. Grade: C+
26. Minnesota Timberwolves Andre Roberson, SF (rights traded to Oklahoma City) The Thunder have found a talent here with Roberson a good leader who had a great career at Colorado. Grade: B
27. Denver Nuggets Rudy Gobert, C (rights traded to Utah)
The Jazz pick up another big man to go along with a number of developing ones including Enes Kanter and Derrick Favors. The massive Gobert has the potential to be a dominant shot blocker in the NBA.
28. San Antonio Spurs Livio Jean-Charles, PF
This was a definite surprise but it is hard to fault any pick the Spurs make with what they have done in the past decade. Jean-Charles' future is unknown but he has the talent to become a solid pro on Amercian courts. Grade: C+
29. Oklahoma City Thunder Archie Goodwin, SG (rights traded to Phoenix)
Goodwin probably doesn't deserve to be a first round pick but Phoenix needs help everywhere. Goodwin can score but in order to improve he needs to become a better player at point. Grade: C
30. Phoenix Suns Nemanja Nedovic, SG (rights traded to Golden State)
The Warriors ended up with a talented, smart guard out of Serbia with Nedovic. He can be a solid player behind Klay Thompson, though he may not come to the NBA for a couple years. Grade: B-

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