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Yasiel Puig Is the MLB's New Phenom

Yasiel Puig
After a year like last year when the MLB had such players as Bryce Harper, Mike Trout and Yoenis Cespedes many wondered what stars would come out of nowhere this year. We were impressed by Atlanta's Evan Gattis but Yasiel Puig appears to be the MLB's phenom of 2013. The 22-year-old Cuban signed a seven-year, 42 million dollar contract this off season with the Dodgers, just another big contract the Dodgers gave away this off season. When Puig was called up and scheduled to make his debut few people outside of Los Angeles noticed. Though in his first game against the Padres he exploded by going 2 for 4 and showcasing his big arm out in right field by finishing the game by recording an assist on a double play. The next game Puig proved he can be a major power hitter by knocking two homers also against the Padres. On June 6th Puig continued his amazing stretch by recording his first grand slam off of Atlanta. The next day, Puig hit yet another home run to become just the 2nd player to hit four home runs in his first five games. Through his first five games, along with his four home runs, he has 10 RBI, a .421 average and a .450 on base percentage. Since 1920, only two other big leaguers (Danny Espinosa and Jack Merson) have had as many runs batted in through their first five games as Puig has. So, no wonder why people are believing that Puig is the next sensation in the MLB. It will be interesting whether Puig can sustain this level of success
through out the season and win the NL Rookie of the Year. Of course, soon All-Star caliber outfielders Carl Crawford and Matt Kemp should return but manager Don Mattingly should definitely find ways to get such an explosive talent like Puig at-bats. Any way you look at it the Dodgers have found a gem in Puig and his potential is endless.

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