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So What Now for BCS?

Championship for McCarron?
Well I just saw Jordan Williamson nail the game-winning field goal against the second-ranked Oregon Ducks. And, before that I watched Kansas State get murdered by unranked Baylor by four touchdowns. So what does this mean for the whole BCS?

When Johnny Football and the Aggies stunned Alabama it seemed that the SEC won't get yet another crown as the Crimson Tide fell to Number 4 in the polls. But, this weekend everything changed. Kansas State and Oregon lost which means Notre Dame will almost definitely move to Number One, while Alabama likely to second. Georgia will be in the mix as well as they will probably move up to number three. Then, the SEC has Florida and LSU, while K-State and Oregon will still be in BCS bowls at least.

Next weekend: The newly crowned number one hopes to do what K-State nor 'Bama could; win at that spot. It won't be easy as the USC Trojans come to challenge Manti Te'o and the undefeated Irish. The Trojans have struggled mightily and played terrible against UCLA. Though, until Matt Barkley(if he is ready to go) is off the roster USC will have a legit chance of defeating these Irish.

Alabama gets an appetizer for the SEC championship game in the Iron Bowl against an atrocious Auburn team. They might not even need to play A.J. McCarron as this one should be done before halftime. The Tide should be looking ahead to a big showdown against Georgia.

The Bulldogs benefit just as much as Alabama with the upsets. They play an intense rival in Georgia Tech who hasn't had the season they imagined with Tevin Washington returning. If the defense holds up the Bulldogs should role into the SEC championship game 11-1. Though hopefully they play better than they did against LSU last year.

What will happen: Notre Dame wins comfortably against the Trojans thanks to a more confident Everett Golson. Alabama and Georgia square off in a game that decides who plays Notre Dame. Alabama uses their superior pyschicality to run the ball over an inconsistent Georgia defense and their defense holds Georgia to under 20.

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