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Who the Heck is Going to Win the Heisman?

Throughout the better part of the year the Heisman solution was pretty much a forgone conclusion. Andrew Luck, Andrew Luck and more Andrew Luck. Luck was leading an undefeated squad with not fantastic receivers and putting up big numbers while doing it. Then came the downfall as Luck struggled to preserve Stanford's perfect mark and the Cardinal slipped against Oregon. Now the list of candidates is almost endless. Robert Griffin from Baylor, Trent Richardson from Alabama, Montee Ball from Wisconsin, Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon from Oklahoma State head the top of the list with Luck. Griffin is a dynamic player who can run and pass for big yardage and his success with the Bears this year will help him. Trent Richardson is a speedster who is tough to stop but questions have emerged about if he can perform against top notch teams after a rough LSU game. Ball scores touchdown after touchdown but isn't really considered a true contender though he'll earn some talk. Weeden once looked like the front runner but his rough game against Iowa State likely dashed his chances. Justin Blackmon is fantastic and fun to watch but of course wide receiver isn't a very Heisman worthy position. And finally Luck, the smart and hard-working NFL prospect. Kellen Moore and Case Keenum have the stats but they needed their respective teams to go undefeated to win. Now with both at one loss they're done. So now you first-hand see how many good candidates are going to be looked at not to count the others which I didn't include. But I really don't see a Baylor quarterback winning the award. Luck wins with Richardson a close second because they play on big time television and do it with surrounding players not fantastic.

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