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Pre-Bowl Rankings

1. LSU Dominant once more against a tough team.
2. Alabama Look like rematch against LSU is forgone conclusion.
3. Oklahoma State Win against Sooners was fantastic but still aren't likely to gain entry into championship.
4. USC Playing as well as any team in the nation but Trojans can't go bowling.
5. Stanford Andrew Luck leads powerful team that will likely only lose one game this year.
6. Oregon Won Pac-12 but still have some chinks in the armor.
7. Boise State Will likely see another weak bowl game this year.
8. Arkansas They may be 10-2 but two losses were blowout losses to 'Bama and LSU.
9. Wisconsin I thought Michigan State played better in Big Ten championship but no denying that the Badgers are 11-2.
10. South Carolina Have a good team but offense needs to improve.
11. Kansas State Unorthodox but the Wildcats play well and hard.
12. Michigan This team isn't perfect but Brady Hoke has them playing hard.
13. Virginia Tech Embarassing loss to Clemson hurt Hokies but they are still dangerous.
14. Clemson The Tigers hope they'll play more like they did in the first eight games of the season then the last five in their bowl game.
15. TCU Horned Frogs May be the hottest team in the nation and have big win on resume over Boise State.
16. Baylor Led by Robert Griffin (RG3) the Bears have big wins over Texas and Oklahoma.
17. Oklahoma Such a promising start has been overshadowed by disappointing losses.
18. Houston They were just one win away from a BCS bowl but choked aginst dangerous Southern Mississippi squad.
19. Georgia I like this team but it was obvious they weren't ready to beat LSU.
20. Southern Mississippi They just didn't beat Houston they dominated them.
21. Nebraska Bo Pelini has good team but they just couldn't handle their first new in a new league.
22. West Virginia Last second win over South Florida gives Mountaineers a chance at a BCS bowl.
23. Penn State Such a horrible season has been helped by the fact that they went 9-3.
24. Michigan State Should be higher I know that they are tons of better teams.
25. Florida State Disappointing year but the Seminoles are getting better.

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