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What The Big Ten Will Look Like

1. Purdue Boilermakers Key Player:E'Tuwan Moore, if Moore can continue what he's doing Purdue will dominate.
2. Michigan State Spartans Key Player:Raymar Morgan, if Morgan can get the ball Goran Sutton or Marquise Gray the Spartans will have a great combo and will have a great record.
3. Illinois Fighting Illini Key Player:Demetri McCamey, McCamey is already a known player and he'll become more known when the Illini land a great seed in the NCAA tournament.
4. Minnesota Gophers Key Player:Al Nolen,Nolen has been leading the Gophers all season and if he continues the Gophers will look great.
5. Michigan Wolverines Key Player:DeShawn Sims,Sims play CAN lead the Wolverines but that's a maybe.
6. Ohio State Buckeyes Key Player:B.J. Muellens,Muellens can scare many and that must continue in order for Ohio State to have a big shot at the NCAA tournament.
7. Penn State Nittany Lions Key Player:Taylor Battle,Battle must lead Penn State or the Lions will have troubles.
8.Iowa Hawkeyes Key Player:Cyrus Tate,Iowa has missed his production so he must try to repair his reputation and he MIGHT.
9. Wisconsin Badgers Key Player: Jason Bohannon,Bohannon can do everything,shoot from the perimeter and sometimes make plays inside.
10.Northwestern Wildcats Key Player:Kyle Coble,Coble has to be the leader of Northwestern or else...
11. Indiana Hoosiers Key Player:Tom Pritchard,somebody has to step up and it must be him.

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