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Time To Draft!

Time to get serious about the NFL draft. This is a HUGE post all about the draft.
Well in one of my earlier posts Draft Storylines I gave you my number one pick(Matthew Stafford) so now we have to talk about after that. Andre Smith will go to the Rams simply because a good o-line will help the Rams weak pass game. Many experts like Josh Freemen at about 20th or so but I like Freemen in the Top 10. Why? Freemen is a big QB that's not afraid to be hit which I like. Others that might move up are: Percy Harvin(even if he's injury prone) and Knowshawn Moreno. Mark Sanchez will impress scouts also. Well at least he has alredy impressed me. But betraying Pete Carrol hurt his status with scouts. Anyways enough about offense let's talk D. I like another USC player on D. Who? Linebacker Brian Cushing. He's a big hitter and I love big hitters. Well that's a post,but don't worry I'll write alot more about the draft.


Mike McGowan said...

OK, Tom since I'm not much of a NFL fan, you will have to move slowly for me. Two very basic questions:

1) Who will the Vikes get?
2) Will any of our Golden Gophers get drafted?

McGowan Mania said...

It,the Vikes will get USC's Ray Mealeluga,LB.

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