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Draft Storylines

Questions for the draft:

Q: Why should Mark Sanchez leave USC?
A: Matt Leinart stayed at USC after winning the Heisman. He dropped from a possible 1 to about 11th. He'll advise Sanchez t leave. And Sanchez will listen.

Q: Who is your number one draft pick?
A: Josh Freemen is tempting at that spot. But Matthew Statfford is my number one.

Q: If Tim Tebow left Florida which round would he go in?
A: Probably 3rd round. Why? Tebow loves running. Tebow you're a quarterback! He needs to improve his passing skills.

Q: How come nobody is talking about Andre Smith anymore?
A: Smith got suspended in the days leading up to the Sugar Bowl which hurt his status in the draft but people should be talking about Smith as a possible number one


PJ's Nascar Blog said...

Mark Sanchez? What is he, seventy? Mark Martain could beat him in anything where sanchez even has the advantage!!! Mark Martin could be substitute for him any day, well maybe all the time. The "65" year old is better then the "college student".

PJ's Nascar Blog said...

Hi tommy! sierra mist

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