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My Solution To The BCS

The BCS is so crowded teams can't help but feel left out like Texas and Utah. My solution to it is to have the top 8 teams play in a playoff and the rest play bowls so teams like Texas and Utah can have an equal chance. So I predict what 2009 will look like if this system was used.

1 Florida vs. 8 Texas Tech Winner: Florida,31 Texas Tech,17
2 Texas vs. 7 TCU Winner: Texas 37, TCU,24
3 USC vs. 6 Oklahoma Winner: USC,42 Oklahoma,27
4 Penn State vs. 5 Alabama Winner: Penn State,38 Alabama,24
1 Florida vs. 4 Penn State Winner: Florida,34 Penn State,27
2 Texas vs. 3 USC Winner: Texas,41 USC, 28
National Championship
1 Florida vs. 2 Texas Winner: Texas,35 Florida,24

1 comment:

PJ's Nascar Blog said...

Hey dude, you can't have Penn State defeating Alabama. Penn State wouldn't have a chance.

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