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Now Announcing... The All-McGowan Mania team

Welcome to the first annual All-McGowan Mania team posting. This is for the upcoming college football season, 2012-2013. So without any more to say, enjoy!
Denard Robinson. My god, this kid is fast. Well, no duh.
Matt Barkley. I can count how many passing yards he is going to throw.
Montee Ball. Barry Sanders record? Too easy for this kid.
Kenjon Barner. Who the heck is Lamichael James? We got our Heisman canidate right here.
Marcus Lattimore. If this monster is healthy he could give SEC coaches restless nights.
Sammy Watkins. No, he can not only be a sophomore.
Robert Woods. Best pure receiver since... oh wait Justin Blackmon.
Marqise Lee. Two Trojans? Yeah they're that good.
Barrett Jones. Can this guy play anywhere on the offensive line? Yes, yes he can.
Luke Joeckel. If the SEC doesn't scare you, you're good.
Sam Montgomery. How many sacks can this guy get? A lot is a little understatement.
William Gholston. Kids huge. Hey, if the NFL doesn't work out, try the NBA.
Star Lotulelei. Can't you just tell from his name he's good?
Jarvis Jones. Try to get away from this kid. Just try to all of you SEC offensive players.
Manti Te'o. 324 tackles in his career? Thats okay. Who am I kidding? Thats amazing.
Khaseem Greene. 141 stops in 2011. Is 180 out of the question with this guy?
Defensive Backs
Tyrann Mathieu. Do I really have to say anything about how good this kid is?
David Amerson. Can we call him the Red Badger?
T.J. McDonald. Crazy good safety. Its just that easy.

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