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Special Edition: NBA Playoffs

Celtics vs. Heat Series Will the Heat drop out even before they get to the championship? In order to stay alive they must take the last two games of the series on the road against an experienced team that is playing at the top of the game. Sounds tough but with three all-stars on your roster you always have a chance. Rajon Rondo has played terrific this playoffs and I don't think whoever the Heat can bring can stop him. Though he hasn't been the MVP of these playoffs for the Celtics it has been Kevin Garnett. Without Chris Bosh to stop him Garnett has had a powerful playoff. He's been able to play in the paint and rotate outside to the perimeter. They have depth inside if the old body of Garnett can't hold up. But the Heat have Wade, Bosh and James. The problem: Bosh likely won't play much more minutes then last night's 14, and whenever Miami gets to the playoffs Wade and James can't seem to find any chemistry together. The bench is pretty weak and no one can stop KG. I think they need a more consistent point guard then Mario Chalmers. The Celtics are ready to end the series and kill the Heat's second season with the Big Three (and their second without a championship). I think they will in Game 6 or 7. Thunder vs. Spurs Series After winning the first two games of the series by playing nasty and pyschical the Spurs looked prime to win the Western Conference. But all of that has been shattered by Kevin Durant's reappearance, Tim Duncan's bad shooting and the loss of the nasty. Durant has been on fire the last three games, Russell Westbrook is playing well and the big men have been able to recover. But will the experience hurt the Thunder as they work against the Spurs. In order to win Manu Ginobli has to play better defense, Duncan has to start making his shots and Neal and Danny Green have to provide stablity on the perimeter. Its pretty unlikely that the Spurs will still able to win this series but its not impossible.

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