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Thoughts on NBA Draft

The NBA season is drawing to a close which means it is time to talk about the draft and who might be taking who this June. The Charlotte Bobcats will likely get the top pick or at least one of the higher ones after a season that was too bad to describe. Of course, if they do end up with number one they'll right away think of Anthony Davis. The shot-blocking beastly Davis led Kentucky to a national championship in just his first year at Lexington. The Bobcats basically need help at every single position except with the exception of point guard which they hope Kemba Walker will fill. If not Davis the Bobcats would probably look at his teammate Michael Kidd-Gilchrist or Thomas Robinson. It would be pretty tough to pass up on the National Player of the Year with the first pick though. The Hornets first year without Chris Paul went pretty much as expected, bad. They will probably land around the five slot or even as high as number one if they could somehow surpass the Bobcats. They will need help at forward so Kidd-Gilchrist is probably their most likely option in this year's draft. Andre Drummond wasn't a big name unless you were a NBA scout. He's huge with a large wingspan. He is an Anthony Davis without the college success or Player of the Year award. Harrison Barnes has been a big NBA prospect back from the days he played high school ball at Ames, Iowa. He's a talented explosive small forward. If the Hornets don't end up with Kidd-Gilchrist it isn't insane to think that Barnes would be their second choice. The first guard to be taken? Expect Bradley Beal from Florida or Kendall Marshall from North Carolina. Marshall is my favorite guard of this year's crop. He reminds me of a Chris Paul mixed with Rajon Rondo hybrid minus the speed. Austin Rivers gained respect from the Duke fans by nailing a buzzer beater to take down rival UNC but still has to earn the respect of scouts. With the right coach this guy could be turned into a better ball handler. He'll probably end up as a top ten guy or a little later on. A less informed college basketball expert might have him going top five. But realistically he'll probably end up around the 10 slot. He was a man among boys in college but some of the parts of his game might need some polishing. Have you forgot about Royce White Big Ten fans? The once feared forward from Minnesota ended up with the Iowa State Cyclones pretty off the radar. But if you saw the Kentucky-Iowa State tournament game this spring you would know he has a lot of talent. He will probably end up around the 15 area where the Rockets might take a serious look at him.

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Mike McGowan said...

All sounds good Tom, but I think you should take a swipe at a "mock draft" for the NBA neophytes (myself included) among your readers.

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