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My College Football Rankings

1. LSU Look unstoppable even though win against Alabama wasn't pretty.
2. Oklahoma State They've beat everyone this season against tough opponents.
3. Stanford Longest win streak right now in the NCAA.
4. Boise State If Georgia keeps winning Broncos will have stronger resume.
5. Alabama Loss to LSU will be only of season.
6. Oklahoma Loss of Broyles stings but the Sooners are still too talented.
7. Oregon Offense hasn't been as dominant as last season but they are 8-1.
8. Arkansas Beat South Carolina and will fight Alabama for Sugar Bowl bid.
9. Clemson Loss to Georgia Tech hurt them but they'll still keep moving on up.
10. Houston The Cougars are one of the few left undefeated.
11. Virginia Tech Don't look like championship contender but have a good record.
12. Penn State I have no idea how they're 8-1 but they are.
13. Michigan State In crazy conference Spartans look strong.
14. Georgia After 0-2 start Georgia likely won't lose another game this season.
15. South Carolina They aren't ready to take the next step.
16. Nebraska How do you lose to Wisconsin then beat MSU then lose to Northwestern?
17. Wisconsin Have been great at times and looked sometimes horrible.
18. Texas Look like the worst 6-2 team in the nation.
19. Kansas State Win against Oklahoma State would have really helped dangerous squad.
20. Michigan Oh no is another collapse in motion?
21. Georgia Tech 7-2 right now as Virginia Tech awaits.
22. Southern Mississippi They can't be 8-1. Oh, wait they play in Conference USA.
23. Cincinnati Have been most quiet 7-1 team in the nation.
24. Arizona State One field goal away from beating UCLA.
25. USC Hey the Trojans dominated this past week 42-17. Against 1-9 Colorado.

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