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Predictions for College Football Games: Week One

3 Oregon vs. 4 LSU Prediction: Oregon, 38 LSU, 27
How to Beat Oregon: Force deep throws. Darron Thomas doesn't have a great arm and Jeff Maehl is gone meaning the Ducks don't have a go-to receiver. Run the ball also. Casey Matthews and Kenny Rowe are gone in the front seven so you can gain a lot of small yardage through out the game.
How to Beat LSU: Make them prove that they can throw the ball. Whether Jordan Jefferson or Jarrett Lee's the starter the Tigers don't have a great passing game. Throwing for effective short passes will beat Morris Claiborne and the rest of the secondary.
5 Boise State vs. 19 Georgia Prediction: Boise State, 28 Georgia, 21
How to Beat Boise State: Cover the wide outs as close as possible. Kellen Moore is accurate but isn't as strong with the deep ball. Throw the ball as much as possible. The secondary is the Broncos' defense weakest link so some big gains in the air would help.
How to Beat Georgia: Pressure Aaron Murray quite a lot. He is still young and every young QB won't make great decisions under pressure. Make him move out of the pocket and throw the ball. A lot of effective 8 to 11 yard passes will weaken the Georgia defense.
South Florida vs. 16 Notre Dame Prediction: Notre Dame, 31 South Florida, 17
How to Beat Notre Dame: Double-team Michael Floyd. Other then Floyd Notre Dame's options aren't very strong. Make Dayne Crist spread the ball around as much as possible. Deep passes will help significantly due to the fact that the Fighting Irish have a weak secondary.
How to Beat South Florida: Make B.J. Daniels stay in the pocket. He is much more effective when he can move around on the run and make throws. He is also effective by scrambling. Power-up your offense. Pass and run the ball confidently. The Bulls defense isn't very great.

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