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SE:AL West

1.Oakland Athletics Key Editions:Matt Holliday,Jason Giambi,Orlando Cabrera
The A's added stars in LF Matt Holliday and former all-star Jason Giambi. And they still have underrated relief pitcher Brad Ziegler.
2.Los Angeles Angels Key Editions:Bobby Abreu
Even though the Angels lost Francisco "K-Rod" Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira they still have Torii Hunter and Vladamir Guerreo(2007 Home Run Derby champ)and they added Bobby Abreu.
3.Texas Rangers Key Editions:None
The Rangers have a nice infield with SS Michael Young and 2B Ian Kinsler. Their O is nice and they have okay fielder in Marlon Byrd.
4.Seattle Mariners Key Editions:None
The M's lost J.J. Putz to the Mets and although they still have Ichiro,it won't be enough.

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