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NBA Draft: Viewing the Top Prospects

Ben McLemore
The NBA Draft may be 70 days away but it is never too early too think about the NBA's next set of stars. Here are some of the players that should go off the board early:

Nerlens Noel, C
Although the last team we saw Noel play he was being carried off the court, he still should go in the Top 5. Noel, is a less developed Anthony Davis on the offensive end but he can block nearly every shot near him. He could miss all of the 2013-14 NBA season but his potential is so high that a team like Orlando could take him to build a powerful frontcourt duo with Nikola Vucevic. Even with this injury Noel will be a very interesting prospect in the near future.

Alex Len, C
Noel will likely be the first center off the board in this next year's draft, but Len should likely be the second. Len is huge standing at seven feet tall and has the potential to do damage at both sides of the court. Len is a beast on the boards which should help various teams with that issue. Len may not go in the Top 5 but a team like Sacrmento could use him too be a more consistent factor than Demarcus Cousins. Or maybe, he could go too Washington who knows Emeka Okafor nor Nene are long term options.

Ben McLemore, SG
McLemore had a dream redshirt freshman year at Kansas constantly hitting big three-pointers and making explosive dunks. Charlotte has the best at the Number One and they would love to have McLemore, who will improve their weak shooting from the perimeter. McLemore also has the perfect size for a NBA shooting guard standing at 6 feet, 6 inches so he should have no match up issues. We officially know McLemore will be heading pro after this season and he will be a very effective scoring threat at the next level.

Anthony Bennett, SF
Bennett had an amazing year, scoring constantly and being a beast on the offensive and defensive glass. He should be a fantastic prospect for a lot of NBA teams, including Cleveland who hasn't found a quality wing since the days of LeBron. Bennett could also end up with a team like Philadelphia though the chances of him falling that far (Philadelphia could end up with a pick around 10) are very rare. No matter what way we look at it Bennett could be a very productive player for years to come.

Trey Burke, PG
After two years of explosive plays at Michigan, Burke will now take the next step after officially announcing his intentions to go pro, which didn't surprise anyone. NBA teams should love Burke's great shooting range, fantastic ball-handling and ability to attack the rim. He should end up in the lottery to a team like Dallas who can't rely on Darren Collison. Maybe, Burke could go to New Orleans who thinks Burke could well be the next Chris Paul.

Other Top Prospects
Otto Porter, SF
Shabazz Muhammed, G/F
Michael Carter-Williams, PG
Victor Oladipo, G/F
Kelly Olynyk, C
Mason Plumlee, C

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