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Special Edition: Big names on the move in the NFL?

With the lockout looking like it may be over soon many NFL teams are looking at possible free agents and trade candidates. Here they are and were they might go:

WR Plaxico Burress Top Contenders: Rams, Jets, Anybody
Coming out of jail many teams could use Burress, a big target especially in the red zone. The Rams and Jets look like the obvious contenders but really anybody could make a move on Burress. We won't know until he signs.
CB Nnamdi Asomugha Top Contenders: Any Top Teams, Texans, Cowboys, Jets, Eagles, Buccaners
Asomugha is the biggest name on the market and any team looking for a boost to the next level will give him a look. After playing for lowly Oakland for so long he'll be looking for a Super Bowl contender. Philadelphia is a big possibility along with Dallas and New York but New York will need to do some money restructuring first.
QB Matt Hassellback Top Contenders: Seahawks, Cardinals, Titans, Vikings
Hassellback is a veteran that teams will be looking at to bridge the gap for rookies and likely only keep him for a year or two. The Titans and Vikings will try to bridge the gap with their two rookies and the Seahawks need Hassellback back. That is where he will likely end up.
QB Kevin Kolb Top Contenders: Eagles, Cardinals
If Kolb were to get traded it is pretty much positive he'll be heading to Arizona but Philadelphia may want to keep him if Michael Vick struggles. He is still young and teams will build around him.
Other notables:
QB Alex Smith, QB Matt Leinart, RB DeAngelo Williams, RB Cedric Benson, RB Ahmad Bradshaw, WR Randy Moss, WR Sidney Rice, WR Santanio Holmes, DE Ray Edwatds, DT Pat Williams, CB Antonio Cromartie, CB Ike Taylor

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