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Who's In and Who's Not

We're in Ferbruary now and the season is beginning to wind down. With teams trying to make moves to get into the NCAA tournament I'll give you who's in and who's not:

New Mexico 16-7, 5th in Mountain West
The Mountain West is a tougher conference than given credit for and New Mexico has stayed in contention even without Roman Martinez. The Lobos have a decent record at 16-7 and have beat BYU this season notching an important. Led by Dairese Gray if New Mexico can gain an above conference record and a good record they could sneak in.
Maryland 15-8, 4th in ACC
The ACC has been the worst it's ever been in recent memory making four teams getting in an amazing feat. The odds are against the Terps but their mark is decent. They haven't got any major wins which may end up hurting them.
Missouri State 18-7, 2nd in Missouri Valley
It's been a surprising year for the Bears notching second in an okay MVC conference. The Missouri Valley is usually a conference that only puts in one team but even that might be okay for the Bears if they can make a run.
Michigan State 13-10, 5th in Big Ten
The Number 2 preseason squad? The team trying to make a three-peat in the Final Four? Yes, that team has a horrid 13-10 mark now. The Spartans had tough non-conference schedule but I expected them to come alive when Big Ten play happened. It didn't happen. If the Spartans can find something anything they have a chance. But it's sure not going to be easy.
UCLA 16-7, 2nd in Pac 10
The Bruins are very underrated. They have a fantastic shooter in Malcolm Lee and a good all-around player in Tyler Honeycutt. They're won 16 and the Pac 10 is a pretty high profile conference which helps them. A good end could mean a lot for UCLA.

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