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Special Edition: AL East

The X-Factors: John Lackey(Sox), Robinson Cano(Yanks), Ben Zobrist(Rays)
1. Boston Red Sox Key Additions: 1B Adrian Gonzalez, OF Carl Crawford, RP Bobby Jenks
After a non-playoff year the Red Sox have done all they can do to win the tough AL East. They snatched Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez. If Gonzalez is healthy by Opening Day the Red Sox have a dominant hitter. David Ortiz isn't the hitter he used to be but can still put up 20 homers and 80 RBI's. The pitching staff has John Lackey and Josh Beckett who's one of the best pitchers in the MLB when healthy.
2. New York Yankees Key Additions: C Russ Martin
New York resigned Derek Jeter and signed Russ Martin. It may not be much but it's enough to make the Yanks a wild card possibility. C.C. Sabathia is a dominant pitcher but A.J. Burnett needs to improve for the staff to be the best in the AL East. Alex Rodriguez isn't as good as old times either but he will make plays. Robinson Cano had a breakout year and likely will continue. Speedster Brett Gardner may not be a star but he will improve.
3. Tampa Bay Rays Key Additions: OF Johny Damon, OF Manny Ramirez
Tampa Bay has a lot of young talent so they added two veterans. Johny Damon nor Manny Ramirez aren't near as good as they were with the Red Sox but they were mainly just added to give wisdom to the young guys. David Price had a breakout year and will likely continue it in 2011. Ben Zobrist is a good fielder and can hit for average making him a dangerous threat.
4. Toronto Blue Jays Key Additions: RP Jon Rauch, OF Rajai Davis
The Jays are the only team based out of the United States which may be a disadvantage. The declining Canadien dollar has effected the franchise. They still added reliever Jn Rauch and great get-on-baser Rajai Davis. The staff has lost a lot of talent over the years (Roy Halladay, A.J. Burnett and now Shaun Marcum) but it was some talent with Ricky Romrero and Brandon Morrow. Travis Snider is a great hitter and Jose Bautista had a career year. Aaron Hill is a great player also.
5. Baltimore Orioles Key Additions: 3B Mark Reynolds, 1B Derek Lee, SS J.J. Hardy
The O's might not be a pushover this year thanks to the signing of Derek Lee and the acquisition of 3B Mark Reynolds. He doesn't hit for average but he hits for power(32 homers and 85 RBI's). They also brought in J.J. Hardy who is trying to restart his career in Baltimore. They have a decent staff in Kevin Millwood and Jeremy Guthrie.

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