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Tough Tests For Top Teams

5 Michigan State vs. 18 Iowa
How To Beat Iowa: When you shut down the run game they don't have a lot of other options to go to. Ricky Stanzi has been horrible this season. Run the ball away from Adrian Clayborn. It's hard to do-the explosive Clayborn can play the whole field-but the only other playmakers on the defense are in the secondary.
How To Beat Michigan State: Beat them in the trenches. They have been a run-hard-at-them team and pass the ball ocassionally team. Putting seven guys in the box could help. It's interesting but be ready on special teams. Notre Dame lost because of that game winning pass and Mark Dantanio could try it late in the game if his team is down.
Outlook: I don't see the Spartans swift rushing attack becoming too dominant and Kirk Cousins won't do too much either, with Clayborn in his face.
6 Missouri vs. 14 Nebraska
How To Beat Missouri: Blaine Gabbert is smart. If you don't confuse him blitz. It's when of the few ways too stop him. Drop two guys on end Aldon Smith. He always manages too get in the backfield and the run game is always key for Nebraska.
How To Beat Nebraska: Force Taylor Martinez too throw. He's much better of a scrambler than fellow Zac Lee but he's much less of a passer. Plus, other than Niles Paul they don't have enough in the passing game. Pass too your tight ends. Prince Amukamara usually gets your best receiver and can play all over the field. Little shots out to tight ends for 8 to 10 yards could rack up tons of yards.
Outlook: Gabbert might just be too much for the Nebraska secondary and the Missouri defense may just be too much for Martinez.
2 Oregon vs. USC
How To Beat Oregon: It's pretty hard. Darren Thomas isn't as good as a passer as Masoli so force him to throw. Jurrell Casey can be the perfect threat to rush right up the middle. Their defense isn't too good. Bring a balanced offense and you can beat them.
How To Beat USC: Wear the defense down. With the speed the Ducks have it shouldn't be too hard. If you get past the first line of defense their is few players that can stop you from six. Bring heat on Barkley. When he has time too throw, he can throw well. Make him get more mobile and feel unfomfortable ou tof the pocket.
Outlook: Oregon's offense should roll over the Trojans, and this game should turn out mysteriously like last year's blowout.

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