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Speacial Edition: NFL Pre Preason Rankings

1. Colts My pre-preseason favorite. Why? Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, Dwight Freeney, Bob Sanders. Just a few names.
2. Cowboys This will finally be the season that Jerry Jones wanted. A true Super Bowl contender. Tony Romo finally has a core of strong wide receivers.
3. Packers Aaron Rodgers could win the MVP award if the O-Line holds up. Charles Woodson is also a star on defense.
4. Chargers No LT, no problem. Ryan Matthews will fill in effectively. Plus Phillip Rivers will pass for well over 4,000 yards, most of them to end Antonio Gates.
5. Ravens A young lethal offense is led by Joe Flacco and Ray Rice. On D, both Ed Reed and Ray Lewis are getting old but are very dangerous.
6. Saints The former Super Bowl champs return Drew Brees and the high scoring offense. If the defense holds up they can be truly scary.
7. Falcons A popular dark horse pick, the Falcons are ready to have their third consecutive winning season.
8. Patriots Tom Brady is getting old but has so many options with Wes Welker and Randy Moss. On defense, the Pats are young with Jerod Mayo and Brandon Meriweather.
9. Jets Could easily move up but until Darrelle Revis officially signs the Jets and their defense are vulnerable.
10. Vikings Brett Favre might still come back but until he does the Vikes will have to rely on either Tavaris Jackson or Sage Rosenfels to run the offense.
11. Texans Matt Schaub is dominant but to move up they need to decide on a running back, but neither of them are fantastic.
12. Giants Started off great last season but struggled at the end. It will be tough to pass up Cowboys but if Eli Manning and Brandon Jacobs stay healthy they are a playoff contender.
13. 49ers Hard hitting Patrick Willis may just be the best linebacker in the NFL and will lead the 49ers in the weak NFC West.
14. Steelers The suspension of Ben Roethlisberger will hurt the Steelers but with Rashard Mendenhall leading the way on offense when he's gone the Steelers should be in the hunt.
15. Bengals Terrell Owens helps the Bengals a lot but their are still some holes that Cincy has to address.
16. Bears Julius Peppers will help the defense a lot and Mike Martz hopes to help Jay Cutler to cut making bad decisions on the field.
17. Titans If Vince Young plays like he did last season and Chris Johnson does too Tennessee will be a possible playoff contender. But they did lose defensive leaders, Kyle Vanden Bosch and Keith Bulluck.
18. Cardinals Loss of Kurt Warner hurts, but they added tons of veterans like Derek Anderson, Joey Porter and Kerry Rhodes.
19. Dolphins The wildcat can still dominate defenses with a healthy Ronnie Brown. Chad Henne is predicted to start but whether it's him Pennington or even Tyler Thigpen it shouldn't make or break Miami's season.
20. Redskins Huge acquistions will mean at least 5 more wins, including Donavan McNabb, Willie Parker, Larry Johnson.
21. Eagles Depends on how good Kevin Kolb plays in his first full season as starter and if DeSean Jackson can play getting passes from him.
22. Jaguars Maurice Jones Drew is one of the best backs in the NFL but David Garrad needs somebody to pass to.
23. Panthers Matt Moore showed flashes of greatness last year filling in for Jake Delhomme but the Panthers need to give him a few years or so to start to expect a playoff team.
24. Broncos Showed that they are not a playoff team finished 2-8 in last ten games, but restocked on QB's with Brady Quinn and Tim Tebow.
25. Chiefs Should improve if Matt Cassell can become a star. Thomas Jones might not get starts as Kansas City likes Jamaal Charles but he was a nic pickup.
26. Seahawks Matt Hasselback is declining but luckily the defense is still good if Lofa Tatupu can stay healthy.
27. Browns Restocked on quarterbacks and let go of Jamal Lewis leaving the stars to be Josh Cribbs, Joe Thomas, Shaun Rogers and D'Qwell Jackson.
28. Bills Far down on this list because of the quarterback situation but the running backs are loaded with Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch and C.J. Spiller if he signs with the Bills.
29. Raiders Will get some help with new quarterback Jason Campbell and Darren McFadden is a dangerous back.
30. Lions Mattew Stafford passing to Calvin Johnson and new Nate Burelson the Lions will improve. Ndamukong Suh will help on D.
31. Buccaners Josh Freeman should improve in his second NFL season. If he doesn't it could be Raheem Morris's job.
32. Rams The Rams have nowhere to go but up after a 1-15 season with one of the best backs in the NFL in Steven Jackson. Sam Bradford might not start but still is in option at the quarterback position.

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