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Rambling Runningbacks

I was asked to name my top 5 runningbacks for this year's college season They are:

  1. Javon Ringer, Michigan State -- Ringer's power and stamina make him a lock for number one. Michigan State fans should be chaning his name at the Heisman Trophy ceremony.
  2. Shonn Greene, Iowa -- Green's toughness and ability definitely make him a member of this list.
  3. Donald Brown, Conecticut -- Brown isn't big but surprises opposing defenses with his ability ot shake off defenders.
  4. Knowshown Moreno, Georgia -- Moreno has patience for the play to develop which is a gift few runningbacks have. His speed is another advantage.
  5. Jacquizz Rogers, Oregon State -- Rogers is the real deal. He can make plays with his feet and his hands.

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