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My BCS Prediction

Well since Texas beat Oklahoma, Texas Tech beat Texas and Oklahoma State you think Tech has the game locked, but Oklahoma beat Texas tech. So it's Oklahoma and Texas ath the top;. Any you have to include Alabama as the beat Georgia. So you have Alabama, Texas and Oklahoma. But there's Florida who beat Georgia and South Carolina impressively. And other teams that were in the talk at the start of the season like Ohio State and USC both have lossess so pluck them out. Penn State is a possiblility buth the lost to Iowas which hurts them. Since their schdule hans't been to complicated I don't think their odds are great. How do you sort out the mess?

Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State will help. If Oklahoma State wins pluck Oklahoma out. And Florida vs. Alabama will help a lot. My predictions are Oklohoma will beat State easily. And I like Florida to beat Alabama. That leaves Florida, Texas, and Oklahoma. Texas Tech had a complicated schedule so pull them in. If Florida beats Alabama they should be in the BCS Championship game automatically. So then it comes down to Florda vs. Texas in the BCS Championship game. Texas will bear Florida I believe in a close game. So Texas is your number one team and National Champion.

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