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Heisman Trophy Predictions

Well Colt McCoy is a top candidate with his great passing efficiency. But Graham Harrell is another candidate with his passing yards and wins. But since he has lost to Oklahoma big, I think you should pluck him out. Sam Bradford doesn't' match the honor of the Heisman Trophy.

For the running backs include Javon Ringer a great power runner, and then I think Shonn Greene is a great speed and power runner. Maybe you can even count Knowshawn Moreno in the in the trophy race.

Some receivers to watch are amazing Michael Crabtree with his ability to make plays. Maybe even Jordan Shipley of Texas could be put into the race with his speed and stamina. But it comes down to Colt McCoy vs. Javon Ringer and I like McCoy with his ability to make plays happen. Colt McCoy is your Heisman Trophy winner.

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