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Fiesta Bowl Prediction

7 Oklahoma vs. UConn
QB Comparison:
Oklahoma's Landry Jones 4,289 passing yards, 35 touchdowns, 11 interceptions
UConn's Zach Frazer 1,202 passing yards, 5 touchdowns, 4 interceptions
RB Comparison
Oklahoma's DeMarco Murray 1,121 rushing yards, 14 touchdowns
UConn's Jordan Todman 1,574 rushing yards, 14 touchdowns

Defensive Comparison: Oklahoma has end Jeremy Beal who attacks opposing quarterbacks and is hard to block. Travis Lewis is a alert stopper in the middle and create and finish turnovers as he did against Nebraska in the Big 12 championship. Quinton Carter can stuff of teams in the secondary. UConn has an extroadinary load of talent at linebacker. All Scott Lutrus and Lawrence Wilson. Both will chase down DeMarco Murray and pressure Landry Jones. They are unnaturally fast for their position.

Overlook: Oklahoma has had a series of BCS letdowns over the years streaming from Boise State, West Virginia and Florida. They don't want to add UConn to that list. They have a Sam Bradford-like QB now in Landry Jones and a good back in Murray who can also catch passes out of the backfield. Ryan Broyles is a good receiver. UConn won just 8 games but could have won more if Zach Frazer had better year (5 TD passes). Jordan Todman led the team having a monster year. Even if the Huskies defense can hold the Sooners to less than 30 the offense likely won't score more than 20.
Oklahoma, 28 UConn, 18

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