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Speacial Edition: AL Central

1. Minnesota Twins 87-76 Key Additions: 2B Orlando Hudson, DH Jim Thome
The last two seasons the Twins have had to play in a one-game playoff to decide the AL Central. This season, they look to make it a little easier for themselves. Second basemen Orlando Hudson played great in Los Angeles last season. And then their is Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau, two of the best players in the AL Central. Mauer will look to gain back to back AL MVP honors.
2. Detroit Tigers 86-77 Key Additions: LF Johny Damon, CF Austin Jackson
Bye bye Curtis Granderson. Bye bye Placido Polanco. Hello, Austin Jackson and Johny Damon. The Tigers traded Granderson to the Yankees in order to gain Jakcson, who has potential. Max Scherzer arrives from the D-Backs. He will help take some off the weight off Justin Verlander who went 19-9 last season and had 269 strikeouts.
3. Cleveland Indians 65-97 Key Additons: LF Austin Kearns, C Mike Redmond
Sure, the Indians finished tied for last place in the AL Central last season. And sure the Indians struggled to make a big addition. But hope is in the air in Cleveland. Grady Sizemore is healthy and will team up with underrated Shin-Soo Choo in the outfield. Matt LaPorta is the Indians young first basemen. The biggest problem for the Inidans is the weak pitching staff. Jake Westbrook is scheduled to be the Indians number one.
4. Chicago White Sox 79-83 Key Additions: LF Juan Pierre, 3B Mark Teahen
Chicago needs more Gordon Beckhams. Or maybe Alexei Ramirezs. Young but talented players that are the future of the White Sox. Last seasons addition of Jake Peavy will help the pitching staff alot but the only other relatively close to all-star pitcher on the Sox is Mark Buehrle. The Sox added versatile Mark Teahen and speedy left fielder Juan Pierre to help on defense and offense.
5. Kansas City Royals 65-97 Key Additions: CF Rick Ankiel, C Jason Kendall
The breakout of all the young stars in Kansas City is almost here. Last season we saw Zack Greinke dominate winning the AL Cy Young award. We also saw Billy Butler hit 21 homers and drive in 93 runs. This winter, the Royals signed veterans Jason Kendall, Rick Ankiel and Scott Podsednik to teach the young players. But the Royals will not get out of the cellar unless some sort of miracle.

Predicted Records, Minnesota,89-73, Detroit, 82-80, Cleveland, 76-86, Chicago, 75-87, Kansas City, 66-96

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