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NBA Offseason Predictions

Led by the never-aging Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobli and Tony Parker, San Antonio got revenge on the Miami Heat, beating them in five games. As Duncan mulls his future in the NBA, there will be a lot of other happenings going on this offseason, an offseason that could be one of the craziest in recent years. The "Big Three" could all leave, including LeBron, Carmelo could go almost anywhere, Kevin Love's future in Minnesota is uncertain and Rajon Rondo may have worn a Celtic uniform for the last time. In preparation for a  summer that will be filled with rumors and interesting moves, I have compiled a list of what I believe will happen to the league's biggest stars.

LeBron and the rest of the Big Three will stay in Miami:
Personally, I would love to LeBron back in a Cleveland jersey playing alongside Kyrie Irving, or Chris Bosh back in Toronto with DeMar DeRozan, but I just don't see it happening. Though, there will be some action in Miami. This team needs a bigger inside presence, especially since Bosh has become more of a shooter than a post playmaker, and Greg Oden is not the answer. Also, Shane Battier has seen his last minutes in the NBA and Ray Allen likely has as well. Plus, point guard has turned into a real issue for the Heat; Mario Chalmers was terrible in the Finals and throughout much of this postseason. Even with those issues, I don't see LeBron or anybody else of the Big Three leaving, at least not so soon.

Carmelo heads to the Windy City:
Carmelo to Chicago?

Carmelo forced his way out of Denver, and it looks like it will be much the same in New York, where his career has been a rollercoaster ride. He could go to Chicago, Houston, maybe even Los Angeles and team up with a healthy Kobe. But, playing in Chicago makes the most sense for Carmelo. Although you wonder how he will fit with this defensively minded roster led by Tom Thibodeau, imagine him with a "Big Three" that includes underrated Joakim Noah and a healthy Derrick Rose, it would be scary. Carmelo's number one priority is to win a title, and he won't be able to do it in New York and he knows it. Staying in the Eastern Conference and playing alongside Noah and Rose gives him the best opportunity to get that elusive ring.

Kevin Love is not traded... Yet:
It is pretty clear that the 2014-2015 season will be Kevin Love's last in Minnesota. The All-Star is drawing a ton of interest, from Chicago, Cleveland, Phoenix, Golden State, Boston and Houston. The situation looks very similar to the Kevin Garnett saga, which ended when he was dealt to Boston for a bunch of players that never ended up doing much with the T-Wolves. Flip Saunders will be asking for a lot, rightfully so, and he will take his time to make a move. He won't rush into a deal and he probably will not make a move this offseason. It could increase the value of K-Love and possibly Flip and fellow star Ricky Rubio will try to convince him to stay. But, he won't that is clear, but don't expect a deal until later down this offseason or into the season.

Bledsoe and Rondo stay put... For now:
Rajon Rondo's future in Boston is extremely uncertain, on one hand it seems sure he will go, but yet there has not been a lot of talk nor rumors about where he may be heading. It seems as though Rondo leaving is inevitable, one way or another, though expect the C's to take their time on this move as well. Eric Bledsoe is a restricted free agent this year for the Suns, he was excellent when he was healthy. If the Suns do land Love, or another top talent, Bledsoe and whoever that is, would form a deadly combination. He is a real talent at just 24, Phoenix cannot allow him to leave just yet.

Other Free Agent Destinations:
Lance Stephenson stays in Indiana
Vince Carter retires (Unrestricted free agent)
Patty Mills goes to New York
Marcin Gortat resigns with Washington
Kyle Lowry leaves Toronto to a team that needs a point guard (Miami?)
Chandler Parsons either stays in Houston or is dealt away in Kevin Love trade
Rudy Gay stays in Sacramento
Duncan, Ginobli and Parker stay put for one more year (None are free agents, Duncan and Ginobli considering retirement)
Mario Chalmers leaves Miami

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