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NBA Mock Draft: Edition 2 (Combine Edition)

1. Milwaukee Bucks Andrew Wiggins, G/F Combine Results: Did Not Attend
It has certainly been awhile since Milwaukee has had a player with the special tools of Wiggins. His vertical is off the charts, and he could be absolutely lethal in transition.
Jabari Parker
2. Philadelphia Sixers Jabari Parker, F Combine Results: Did Not Attend
Offensively, Philadelphia really lacks much versatility and an offensive weapon outside of Michael Carter-Williams. Parker is a little bit of a tweener, we have no clue what position he'll play at the next level, but he still has good size and an already polished offensive game.
3. Orlando Magic Dante Exum, PG Combine Results: Measured 6'6" with shoes, 6'9.5" wingspan
An impressive showing at the combine should further convince the Magic this is the right move. Exum had great size and tremendous athleticism; imagine him in that Orlando backcourt with Victor Oladipo for years to come.
4. Utah Jazz Joel Embiid, C Combine Results: Did Not Attend
Injury concerns could drop Embiid to down here and if he does, Utah cannot pass him up. He has the physical tools to develop into a fantastic center, although he still needs to get stronger, he is by far the best center in this year's draft.
5. Boston Celtics Noah Vonleh, F/C Combine Results: Measured 7'4" wingspan, hands measured 11.75 inches, second-largest in NBA Combine History
Vonleh has an extremely high ceiling, he is 6'9" with a massive 7'4" wingspan which he can use to swat shots in the paint. He still is limited offensively but he has the height and athleticism to really develop into an all-around prospect.
6. Los Angeles Lakers Julius Randle, PF Combine Results: Measured 6'9" with shoes, weighed 249.7 pounds
Pau Gasol and the rest of the Lakers' frontcourt is only getting older and they desperately need a player like Randle, who will fit in perfectly in Los Angeles. He has the offensive versatility to be very dangerous and he already has NBA size.
7. Sacremento Kings Marcus Smart, PG Combine Results: Measured 6'3", 8'3" standing reach
Although his stock decreased heavily in his final year in Stillwater, Smart is still one of the best point guards available. He has great size (6'3" with shoes, 6'2" without) and can do it all; already a gifted defender, he can make plays on both ends of the floor.
8. Detroit Pistons Aaron Gordon, F Combine Results: 32.5 standing vertical, 6'11.75" wingspan
Few players were as impressive at the combine as Gordon who showcased super athleticism. He measured a 32.5 standing vertical (higher than Blake Griffin or Chris Bosh) and 39 inch vertical. Even though Detroit's frontcourt is filled, Greg Monroe could soon be gone and Gordon can play a number of positions.
9. Cleveland Cavaliers Doug McDermott, F Combine Results: Measured 6'7", weighed 218 pounds
Neither Kyrie Irving nor Dion Waiters are shooters making it very important that the Cavs draft a floor spacer. McDermott is already a great shooter who can take big men out of the paint and open up lanes for Irving and Waiters.
10. Philadelphia Sixers Zach LaVine, G Combine Results: 41.5 inch vertical, 6'8" wingspan
LaVine showcased his freakish athleticism at the combine, measuring a 41.5 inch vertical, that he claimed he messed up on. He is a tweener at the moment, he doesn't fit in at point or shooting guard but he could be a depth guy until he develops an all-around game, which may take a couple years.
11. Denver Nuggets James Young, G/F Combine Results: 7'0" wingspan, 8'8" standing reach
What the Nuggets really need is a great wing shooter which they lacked this past season with Andre Iguodala gone and Danilo Gallinari injured. Although he is inconsistent at times, Young is a superb shooter with NBA size and is an underrated defender who moves very well.
12. Orlando Magic Dario Saric, F Combine Results: Did Not Attend
With Exum already on the board, the Magic should add another International prospect in Saric, a versatile forward from Croatia. He has great size, measuring at 6'10" and he is already a gifted rebounder with the athleticism to turn into a great NBA player.
13. Minnesota Timberwolves Gary Harris, SG Combine Results: 6'4.5" with shoes, weighed 204.8 pounds
Other than Kevin Love and the aging Kevin Martin, the Timberwolves really lack proven shooters. Harris was average at the combine but he has proven himself as a leader, playmaker and a great three-point shooter.
14. Phoenix Suns Nik Stauskas, G/F Combine Results: 8'6" standing reach, weighed 207 pounds
The Suns' backcourt was great last season as Goran Dragic, Gerald Green and a number of others had career years. They can't actually think those people can keep that going and Stauskas will help. He has great size for an NBA shooting guard and his three-point shot is absolutely lethal.
15. Atlanta Hawks Tyler Ennis, PG Combine Results: 6'1" without shoes, 6'7.25" wingspan
Shooting the three-point ball was Atlanta's main source of any offense. Even with Jeff Teague, Atlanta could really use Ennis' leadership and smarts. He also is just clutch; not only did he hit that huge buzzer-beater to stun Pitt, but he hit a lot of huge shots last year for Syracuse.
16. Chicago Bulls Rodney Hood, G/F Combine Results: 6'8.50" with shoes, weighed 208.2 pounds
Chicago knows they are the best defensive team in the NBA but they need more depth and versatility on the offensive end. Hood has good size for whatever he plays and he could fit into the Bulls' defense because he rotates well and can block shots.
17. Boston Celtics Kyle Anderson, G/F Combine Results: 7'2" wingspan, 8'11" standing reach
Versatility is galore in this draft and Anderson is yet another prospect that can give his team a lot to work with. Anderson can play basically every position except center and his large size and great ball handling should definitely help the Celtics. Him and Vonleh would certainly give Boston two great players to work with for years to come.
18. Phoenix Suns T.J. Warren, F Combine Results: 6'10" wingspan, 8'8" standing reach
With them addressing one of their needs on the wing in the sharpshooting Stauskas, Phoenix should look for more help with the elite-scoring Warren. Warren can play both forward spots and can score in a number of different ways; on the drive and he has proven he has a dangerous mid range game.
19. Chicago Bulls Elfrid Payton, PG Combine Results: 6'3.75" with shoes, 6'8" wingspan
Even if Derrick Rose comes back and manages to stay healthy, Chicago will need a backup point guard. Payton is a Louisiana-Lafayette stud who has great size and tremendous athleticism, he will be a great understudy to Rose.
20. Toronto Raptors Jerami Grant, F Combine Results: Weighs 214 pounds, 7'2.75" wingspan
Grant has been dropping down boards, especially after an average combine performance. Other than being a pretty impressive athlete, he doesn't really have any major strengths. He is a little bit small for a power forward but he also isn't a prototypical small forward. Toronto needs some forward help though and Grant is an option.
21. Oklahoma City Thunder P.J. Hairston, G Combine Results: 6'9" wingspan, weighs 228 pounds
Ever since they dealt James Harden to the Rockets, the Thunder have lacked scoring at the shooting guard position. Hairston was a prolific scorer in his short time with UNC and has been fantastic in the D-League since being dismissed from North Carolina. He has excellent size and the ability to score from everywhere on the court.
22. Memphis Grizzlies Shabazz Napier, PG Combine Results: 5'11" without shoes, weighs 175.2 pounds
Quietly, Mike Conley has developed into one of the best point guards in the league but Memphis would like to help him with giving some depth around him. Napier might to small to play the two guard but he would be an excellent complement to Conley in the Memphis backcourt.
23. Utah Jazz Jordan Adams, G Combine Results: 6'10" wingspan, 8'6" standing reach
Adams is fantastic in his time with UCLA doing it all for the Bruins. He is an efficient shooter but his great size can make him a threat on the dribble. He should fit in perfectly in Utah, who really needs some backcourt help.
24. Charlotte Bobcats K.J. McDaniels, G/F Combine Results: 6'6" with shoes, weighs 195.6 pounds
Although McDaniels may be a stretch here, especially after a weak combine showing. But, he was fantastic this past season for Clemson and Charlotte would love his versatility.
25. Houston Rockets Glenn Robinson, F Combine Results: 6'10" wingspan, 6'5.50" without shoes
Even though he looked uncomfortable being the go-to scorer at times for the Michigan Wolverines, Robinson still proved himself as a scorer. He has the size to play a number of different positions and his athleticism could help him change games; he is the best player available here for Houston.
26. Miami Heat Markel Brown, G/F Combine Results: 43.5 vertical, 8'4" standing reach
The pure athleticism of Brown was on display during the combine, he measured a 43.5 max vertical, tied for the highest at the combine. Miami could really use another athlete in their backcourt; Brown can also do more than just pull off crazy dunks, he has a solid all-around game.
27. Phoenix Suns Cleanthony Early, F Combine Results: 6'6" without shoes, weighs 209.4 pounds
With their third pick of the first round, Phoenix should work on their frontcourt. Although he may be a bit undersized for an NBA forward, Early will outplay others because of his work ethic and strength.
28. Los Angeles Clippers Semaj Christon, PG Combine Results: 6'1.50" without shoes, weighs 186 pounds
Backcourt depth is a real need for the Clippers and they have a number of options here. Xavier product Semaj Christon should be the smart choice. He is a little bit small but he is a great ball handler with real scoring potential.
29. Oklahoma City Thunder Jusuf Nurkic, C Combine Results: Did Not Attend
Nurkic is a massive Bosnian center with the potential to grow into a monster on both ends of the court. He should get the opportunity to develop into something before being thrust into major minutes because of how stacked this Oklahoma City Thunder roster is.
30. San Antonio Spurs Adreian Payne, F/C Combine Results: 7'4" wingspan, 9'1" standing reach
Already more polished than most big men in this draft, Payne could really grow into quite the player if he learns under Tim Duncan and the rest of this experienced team. He is a crazy athlete who could turn into quite the player in a few years.

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