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MLB Chatter: Trout for MVP, Strasburg Limit, Bobby V

Name your AL MVP candidates coming into this season: Miguel Cabrera, Albert Pujols or maybe a little Josh Hamilton? Probably not Angels outfielder Mike Trout. Trout, who turned 21 yesterday, is hitting .346 (top in the AL), has 60 runs batted in and has nailed 20 home runs. Not mentioning at all his amazing ability to field. So, forget AL Rookie of the Year, something he has basically locked down, let's start talking AL MVP. Hey, Justin Verlander won it last year as a pitcher, a rarity. It will be tough to beat Miguel Cabrera but Los Angeles is the market to do it. He has been the most impressive player on a championship contender if they can manage a Wild Card spot in a tough race. So, Trout for MVP? Well, yes.

Many things can derail a team from winning a title. Injury, player struggles and maybe road games. But, for the Nationals the thing that could pull them away from a championship may be worry. Stephen Strasburg, the team's ace, who is 12-5 this season with a 2.97 ERA will likely be shutdown at around the 150-160 innings pitched mark. The Nationals want to be careful with their future star who already has had health issues in his short career. This move would mean the likely playoffs rotation (if they get there) would consist of Ross Detwiler, Gio Gonzalez, Edwin Jackson and Jordan Zimmerman. Detwiler would replace Strasburg as the top pitcher and despite his 6-4 mark and a 2.99 ERA many people think it will be a significant drop off. GM Mike Rizzo has already said he will shut down Strasburg when he thinks it is right. It will be a tough decision one that could mean the difference between a World Series and a disappointing playoff exit.

Before you start saying how ridiculous it is for a team to fire their manager after just one season, a .500 season let me tell you what city this manager is in: Boston. That should explain it. Bobby Valentine made headlines when he stepped in for Terry Francona by his cockiness. He might talk the talk but unless something changes in a big way he hasn't been able to walk the walk. The traditional power Red Sox are currently 55-56 and 9 games out of first place in the AL East. Frustration is everywhere on this team and they should be as they have the talent to be right along with the Yankees in this divsion. So would it be so ridicolous if the Sox fired Bobby V after just one, disastrous season? Maybe, but hey, I'm not from Boston. In the end its not the organization's decision. In this city, the fans decide who stays or who goes.


Mike McGowan said...

As for the MVP topic, I don't think this is the year Trout will (or should) win. My money would be on Hamilton (gets some votes for his cumulative success), but one name you do not mention is Paul Konerko.

applemcg said...

Never heard of the guy. But hey, forgive me, the AL is still the junior circuit. Saw a Bos-Cle game last night. the umps are still minor league category. the strike zone was wider than it was high.

But a well-written article none-the-less. I'll review it more closely and learn more about the top of the AL then i'd normally care to know.

Thanks, Tom.

Waiting for serious opinion on minor league (aka college) football, now that the bloom is off the rose.

Keep pitchin'

uncle marty.

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